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Echinacea Cold & Flu (with Ginger & Garlic Capsules)

Echinacea Cold & Flu (with Ginger & Garlic Capsules)

Manufactured by: Jamieson

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  Brand 300mg 2 x 45 Capsules (Jamieson) $27.99  add to cart  

Echinacea with garlic and ginseng provides enhanced nutritional support for healthy immune system functioning. It helps to prevent and relieve symptoms of the cold and flu and limits the duration and severity of sore throats, ear and eye infections. Echinacea provides antiviral action, garlic provides antibiotic action, and ginger provides analgesic and antibiotic effects.


Take 3 capsules daily with meals


Echinacea with garlic and ginger combines 3 effective herbal remedies to combat symptoms of viral or fungal infections. This product contains echinacea derived from a premium quality grade, designated botanical species.

Ingredient Information:

Each capsule contains: Echinacea Herb 300 mg, Echinacea purpurea – 100 mg P:E 1:3, Allicin-Rich Garlic bulb powder 300 mg
Allium sativum, Ginger Root 300 mg Zingiber officinale – 50 mg P:E 1:6

Recommended for:

Allergies (includes Sinusitis), Colds & Flu